the values of heroes who compassionately
crusaded for peace
using excellence, dignity, and endurance as their weapons of choice

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Keynote Speeches, Seminars, and Workshops in Leadership and Conflict Resolution
Based on the values, conflict-resolution, and problem-solving abilities of world heroes of peace

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     Magnificent people performing magnificently, at their best while under a crisis - what values guided their remarkable problem-solving, conflict resolution, and behavior choices? These values were first discovered when I researched the mythology of the Tuskegee Airmen. They were later to also be found in other very special heroes of peace. Go to my selected heroes page for a listing of the heroes I have researched possessing these qualities.

14 Attributes of Heroes of Peace

1.       (Behavior) Govern yourself by never allowing anotherís behavior to negatively influence your conduct. Your actions are always your responsibility; they are never anotherís fault. Determine your behavior from your values, from the kind of person you want to be -- never from how others behave toward you.

2.       (Change) Encourage positive change, not through criticism, but through your continuous achievements of excellence for all to witness. When criticized by others, offer continual examples of excellence as your only response.

3.       (Vision) Envision things as wonderful as they can be, not as they are, and then strive to create positive change toward these envisioned goals. All great accomplishments started as a vision that others could not see.

4.       (Obstacles) Realize that obstacles are not barriers to your goals, but opportunities for growth and challenges to enrich your self-confidence by mastering new skills. A person having reached a goal without overcoming obstacles has learned nothing and accomplished even less. Conquered obstacles are the only qualifying credentials of heroes and a measure of one's commitment and leadership.

5.       (Self-esteem) Enhance oneís self-esteem, not from the opinions of others, but from the compassionate causes one has embraced and the perseverance and courage expended toward their resolve.

6.       (Compassion) Give simply to increase the amount of goodness in the world -- often without recognition or reward. Give more to others than you receive in return, and carefully sustain this inequity as a distinctive characteristic of your leadership.

7.       (Courage) Honor and respect fear, for it alone offers you an opportunity to demonstrate courage.

8.       (Perseverance) Never give up. Most perceived failures are not failures at all, but instead successfully completed stepping stones toward a goal. The only time you can fail is if you quit pursuing your goals.

9.       (Trust) Honor all commitments and obligations to everyone. Your pledge should be as meaningful to a king as to a beggar, for the value of a commitment is determined from its source, not to whom it is directed.

10.     (Conflict) While engaging your adversaries, always maintain their dignity. This is the only road to lasting peace.

11.     (Character) Without regard to consequences, courageously fulfill the obligations of being human by revering all life, defending the righteous, promoting peace, inspiring compassion, protecting the environment, spreading joy, and sharing your assets* with those less fortunate.

12.      (Judging) Observe, but never judge. Seek out the differences in others and then celebrate them, for such diversity** is the true potpourri of humanity and will enrich you with the knowledge and wisdom of the human experience.

13.      (Recognition) Serve enthusiastically as a spokesperson for the accomplishments and concerns of others. Attentive leaders crusade for the injustices, issues, ideas, and achievements of those less able to speak for themselves and give ample recognition for their origin.

14.      (Values) Uphold this Value System, especially under adverse conditions, not to please someone else, but to honor the unfaltering principles within you, to validate your character as the type of person you want to be, and to gradually realize the awesome potential of being human.

*assets = Oneís strength, capacity to help, capacity to protect, capacity to defend, and capacity to rescue. Oneís abilities, education, talents, insight, wisdom, labor, knowledge, wealth, belongings, property, and any similar thing that can be utilized to bring benefit to another.

 **diversity = oneís abilities, interests, talents, experiences, beliefs, customs, culture, points-of-view, rituals, influences, networks, assets, and any beneficial characteristic distinguishing one person from another.

Based on the values, conflict-resolution, and problem-solving abilities of world heroes of peace  

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