the values of heroes who compassionately
crusaded for peace
using excellence, dignity, and endurance as their weapons of choice

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Keynote Speeches, Seminars, and Workshops in Leadership and Conflict Resolution
Based on the values, conflict-resolution, and problem-solving abilities of world heroes of peace  

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A Practical Application of Human Values

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         Learn to Think Like a Hero! 

     *A solution to a problem must not 
interfere with the larger goal. 

     *The only time we can ever fail is if we quit. 

     *Obstacles are opportunities for growth 
and must be enthusiastically confronted. 

     *Each day is a battle for control; not for 
control over others, but for control over 
how we respond to them. 

     *Diversity may be the most valued and yet 
untapped resource in any organization. 

     *Demeaning others gives them power to 
rise above you. 

     *It's not what happens to you that matters; it's 
how you react to what happens to you that 
determines your character. 

     *A true leader serves as a spokesperson for 
those less able to speak for themselves.  
     * Your behavior is always your responsibility
and must be determined from your values and the
kind of person you want to be, never from how
others behave toward you.

     *You will recognize and overcome your 
anti-social instinctual behavior. 

     *You will learn to live by a value system 
followed by our world heroes of peace value 
guiding you through life and crises situations. 
New Terminology Developed 
from Our Research 

Instinct Self-Awareness 
Non-Instinctual Free-Choice 

Ego-Free Compassion 

Passive Excellence 

Self-Actualization Engagement
The cost of our speeches and seminars 
are NOT based on the number of 
people attending.
One-hour keynote speech – $500 
plus expenses. 
Three-Hour Workshop - $1,000 
plus expenses.
Five-hour Seminar - $2,000
plus expenses.
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