the values of heroes who compassionately
crusaded for peace
using excellence, dignity, and endurance as their weapons of choice

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This is a Carol A. Ruggie memorial Rotary Project

Modeling Future Heroes works with Rotary International on many of their club-sponsored projects.

 Meet Reverend Corine.

Over 15 years ago, Rev. Corine was walking home from a meeting. She discovered a man living in the streets dying of AIDS. She brought him to her home so he could die in comfort and with dignity. One week later six other terminally ill men with AIDS had found refuge and dignity in her home. Soon her house was full of abandoned-to-the-street babies all dying of AIDS. Having heard of her generosity, police brought abandoned infants found throughout the city. There were so many cribs in her kitchen she could not get to her refrigerator!

She had a dream of expanding her care facility to a place where people with AIDS could live to the fullest in peace, with care, with dignity, and with love - a place called “Sparrow Village.”

Picture abandoned children with AIDS: they are destitute, seeking out garbage dumps, not only for food, but for the warmth the rotting garbage provides during the cold South African nights.

Can you see children in your mind's eye hiding in fear, afraid to move, avoiding even possible rescuers?  They know fear, abandonment, abuse, pain, and hunger. They know little else.

Below are some of Rev. Corine’s AIDS children after they have been rescued by Sparrow Village.


It takes so little to make a child happy...
a bit of love,
a few friends,
and a place to feel safe.

Over 15 years ago, one stranger with AIDS was taken to a private home to die in comfort and dignity. Now over 200 children with AIDS are living in a very special village community cared for and loved by very special people!

All employees of Sparrow Village were once homeless


By teaching job training and construction skills to the homeless, Sparrow Village emerged as a place of safety and love for many.

Sparrow Village also serves as an inspiring beacon of encouragement for future grass-root entrepreneurs showing what one person can do!




The Model for Sparrow-Village Entrepreneurial Projects

   1.  Create a humanitarian project in a developing community involving children, water, education, and health.
2.  Encourage a sense-of-community culture where people take care of their own – caring for themselves and their future  – by providing for their young, their old, their unemployed workers with opportunities for safety, health, and advancement.
3.  Instead of giving money, give opportunities, thus you will attract those willing and capable of helping themselves and others.
        a.  By feeding the hungry, you encourage others to depend on you for their needs and you must feed them again   the next   day. Give a Man a fish and you feed him for a day…
        b.  By providing opportunities for those capable and willing to help themselves and others, they will feed themselves and their families for a lifetime. …teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.
4.  Use expert volunteers in various fields to train the unemployed.
        a.  This reduces unemployment and improves the local economy.
        b.  This provides the necessary vocational training and skills to build and maintain your project.
        c.  This provides the necessary vocational training and skills for your workers to find future employment upon completion of your project.
        d.  This provides the necessary vocational training and skills to maintain and expand your project in the future, for you’ve created a pool of expert workers familiar with your project.
5.  The success of a Sparrow Village encourages other entrepreneurs (Sparrow’s Nests) by example who, in turn, hire employees and, in turn, encourage other entrepreneurs, thus repeating the entire process.
6.  Once those capable of helping themselves and others are trained and employed, they become a productive member of their society, enhance the economic development of their neighborhood, provide for their families, and continue the sense-of-community culture by sharing with others. They now feed the hungry; they now care for their own.



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