the values of heroes who compassionately
crusaded for peace
using excellence, dignity, and endurance as their weapons of choice

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Keynote Speeches, Seminars, and Workshops in Leadership and Conflict Resolution
Based on the values, conflict-resolution, and problem-solving abilities of world heroes of peace  


This page provides an opportunity for you or your organization to sponsor one of the Grass-Roots Entrepreneurs or other Rotarian projects.  Please fill out the form below and then click "submit." When you do so, the information on this form regarding your future contribution will be emailed to WCS 663, Inc. (World Community Services), a 501(c)(3) foundation in Rotary District 6630 designed to receive and administer your donations.  Please mail your check to WCS 663 Inc. at the below address.  You will be mailed a receipt for your generous contribution. Your kindness and willingness to get involved is greatly appreciated.

We are pleased and honored to have your participation in these projects.

Contribution Form

Individual's Name

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I want to contribute to the following projects (please check all that apply) For more information on individual projects, go to the navigation links on the top of this page or the summary donation page listed here.

Sparrow Village  

Jane's Day Care Center  

Ace's Soccer Team   

Ace's Photography Students  

The General's AIDS Clinics  

Nederburg School - A Child's Scholarship  

Nederburg School - supplies  

The Gangsters Community Center

Glenys' School - supplies  

Glenys' Crafts - supplies  (Click here to see these crafts for sale) 

Children of the Dump - Nicaragua

Other Project (Briefly Describe) 

Method of Contribution

I will be mailing my contribution check to WCS 663 Inc. at the below address for the following amount $  
Check Number

I have made arrangements for my bank to send WCS 663 my contribution of $ . My bank has been instructed to send this donation to WCS 663 Inc. -
(check one) one time  monthly  quarterly  annually

Please enter your comments, questions, and special instructions below:

Please make your check payable to WCS 663 Inc.  In the memo section write your project's name.
Your generous contribution is tax deductible.

Mail your check to:

WCS 663 Inc.
G.R.E.A.T. Project Account
1920 Glenridge Rd.
Euclid, Ohio 44117

If you have questions or concerns please email us.

Please print this form for your records.  You will be sent an additional receipt for your generous contribution from WCS 663 Inc. Your contribution will be administered by Rotary Clubs around the world. There are NO administration fees; your entire contribution will reach its recipient. To send this form to WCS 663 Inc. and notify them of your upcoming contribution and how it is to be distributed, please click the "Submit" button below.


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